A couple of days later, the groom-to-be found Jessica and took her to Murray Park

A couple of days later, the groom-to-be found Jessica and took her to Murray Park

“Will you marry me personally?” it read.

The couple’s wedding certification states Stoddard officiated the ceremony 26, 2008, in West Valley City april. Jessica Kingston wore a dress that is white. The groom wore a suit. No tracks or pictures had been permitted throughout the ceremony. The bride ended up being 16. The groom had been 21.


The type of Kingston Group brides who marry as minors and for who The Tribune surely could find birthdates, the common age ended up being 16 years, 7 months and 12 times. Their grooms averaged twenty years and 18 times.

Girls whom reach their mid- and teens that are late begin to have the force to wed. Jessica Kingston said when term gets down that a kid or man that is young expected a girl’s dad for mail order wives authorization to marry her, family and friends are walking as much as that woman asking, “Did you pray about him?”

DeRieux states she had been nevertheless twelfth grade age whenever her daddy informed her she needed seriously to pray about who to marry, get hitched and “build The Order.” Her dad additionally started calling her mom and prodded her to force DeRieux getting hitched.

The stress became therefore DeRieux that is intense stopped to dances. Instead, she volunteered for additional changes during the Kingston Group-run coal mine near Huntington, where she worked as a dispatcher.

At 17, she consented to marry a guy inside the 20s that are early.

“I knew we was not designed to marry him,” she said, “but we almost did to have everybody to shut up and leave me personally alone about wedding.”

The plans fizzled because her mom didn’t think DeRieux had gotten way from God to marry the person.

DeRieux did marry the the following year at age 18 up to a relative who had been 19. They did therefore July 3, 2008, in Grand Junction, Colo, where documents reveal two other partners through the Kingston Group married that time. DeRieux states one other two girls were her half-sisters, both age 16. Their grooms had been 22.

The other two sets of brides and grooms and their moms and dads to attend Colorado, DeRieux stated, she and her fiancГ© drove to cost, where they jumped in to a 15-passenger van holding their moms and dads.

If they found its way to Grand Junction, all three couples filled out of the documents for a wedding permit. The moms and dads of this 16-year-olds additionally finished a form giving their authorization.

Colorado doesn’t need an officiant or a ceremony to marry. When the certificates were signed by the couples and switched them straight straight back in the Mesa County clerk, these people were legitimately hitched.

DeRieux stated she and her spouse weren’t permitted to live together or consummate their wedding until they’d a religious ceremony the following month. She received no intercourse education or counseling that is premarital.

Plural divorces

DeRieux’s marriage efficiently ended in 2010 june. She and her spouse had relocated to Billings, Mont., to focus for a coal mine. Based on Montana court papers, an argument was had by the couple at their apartment and DeRieux’s then-husband threw her down a trip of stairs.

Then he pinned her on a sleep, the papers say, and wouldn’t let her demand assistance. He later on pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor. He served one in jail day.

The couple’s divorce proceedings became last last year. DeRieux remarried at age 21 to a person who isn’t through the Kingston Group.

Snow said her wedding dropped apart over her not liking the Kingston Group along with her spouse planning to have another spouse. Her spouse knew she didn’t wish him to possess a spouse that is plural she stated, but his daddy told him he had a need to get one. Their divorce or separation ended up being finalized in 2012 — a little more than three years after they married july.

Jessica Kingston stated within per year of having hitched, her husband began interested in a plural spouse. Finding one ended up beingn’t hard.

Jessica said her spouse was for group text that went around detailing girls or women that hadn’t yet hitched with jokes on how old the females were consistently getting. Jessica saw record.

The women that are young from about age 18 to 22. The marriage was said by her disintegrated whenever her husband married — spiritually — one of her half-sisters, who was simply 22 during the time.

Jessica stated, strictly talking, she additionally the other teen brides she understands made a decision to get hitched, but included: “It’s very little of a selection whenever they’re groomed to accomplish this.”

She and her spouse had four kiddies with who they share custody. Jessica has started using the services of Hope After Polygamy, a charity started by the cast of “Escaping Polygamy” and other Kingston that is former Group to help individuals making polygamous sects.

Jessica along with Snow, DeRieux and Hansen all benefit increasing the appropriate wedding age in Utah as well as other states to 18. Johnson stated the Davis County Cooperative Society takes no place regarding the issue.

The lady who married in 2014 at age 16 and asked never to be identified continues to be along with her spouse. She will not prefer change when you look at the marriage age. She stated marrying at 16 mitigated the pressures U.S. society puts on the to own statuesque appearance and be immodest.

“There shouldn’t really be a cause for an age limit,” she said. “If some body is mature enough, they must be in a position to do whatever they desire.”

The now-20-year-old stated she along with her husband have begun household of one’s own. If that young youngster concerns her at age 16 attempting to marry, she stated, she’s going to have concerns. She said, will depend on the answers to those questions whether she gives her blessing.

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