Asus Xonar or Creative Sound Cards? Protect lights with electric tape?

Asus Xonar or Creative Sound Cards? Protect lights with electric tape?

We have a comparatively energy rig, however the light part from it could be the noise card/speakers. At this time, i am using onboard audio from my Nvidia 780i put off up to a $20 logitech presenter set and/or a $45 Altec Lansing headset.

I understand, laugh at me personally.

This springtime, i will fix that. I wish to get an audio card to get having a brand new presenter setup (probably Logitech Z-5500 unless there’s better on the market). The problem is, we’m truly light sensitive and both the Xonar D2X therefore the brand new line that is creative LEDs all over them.

I am wondering a things: that are few I have actually a PCIe x16 slot available. I’ve nothing else because of running SLI on big movie cards. Which card is much better in PCIe implementation?

– I would actually want to be in a position to production to my speakers and headset simultaneously, my old Asus A8N onboard could try this together with brand new board can’t. Bonus points if i could set different outputs for various programs, incase we have back to competitive video gaming. Something similar to having music playing through speakers while Ventrilo goes to headset.

– i will be changing my speakers and headset during the exact same time. I am pretty set in the 5500’s after hearing a bud that is good set – they are amazing. Headset i am not yes. I’d like a mic, but it is maybe not just a dealbreaker. Adjustable size could be appropriate, we guess my skull is freaking massive since most beanies I put on at shops do not fit me personally. I would love good bass reaction, but i am unsure from the headphone 5.1 thing – may seem like a gimmick if you ask me.

– Lights are a definite big deal to me personally. I am snobbishly inclined against Creative’s cards as a result of hearing things that are many bloatware drivers, nevertheless the Xonar has a lot of lights! can there be in whatever way to pay for them up or elsewhere disguise them?

– Cabling – which cable kind is better? I am presuming optical. We’d additionally in a fantastic globe prefer to connect my PS3 up for this speakers on occasion. Uncertain if such are accomplished from my display (Samsung T240HD) or if i have to run optical direct from the PS3.

Cover lights with electric tape?

FWIW, the Xonar DX survives without having the blinkenlights.

The Xonar Essence STX may then be available by. it generally does not appear to be this has lights. But i do believe it really is geared towards stereo audio rather than surround.

To your requirements at this time, however, I would recommend a Xonar DX. It offers a panel that is front connection (the D2X does not have this) to help you get headset linked when using the electronic production through the straight straight back of this card.

You might like to utilize analog connections towards the noise card, the product quality is fairly good. Tech Report features a writeup that is great the Xonar DX from a year ago.

Xonar DX. PCIe. No lights that are stupid. I have one, and it is all good except the newest motorists do not work with me personally on XP SP3.

You’ll need two cards that are sound perform some gaming+music. I take advantage of a USB headset for video gaming communications and then play music over my speakers.

is it possible to run the headset off onboard while simultaneously operating music off the addin card?

Or had been we getting something similar to the Essence – which appears like it’s a touch too specialized for my preferences from it and my main speakers off the onboard, but I just don’t see how that’d do what I want as I prefer to have the strong side towards the speakers – run some high-end headphones/headset. Really intruiging product however.

Every person’s intending towards the DX, also it undoubtedly appeared like a good bet. I am unsure exactly exactly how it fits up vs the D2X, which surely appears passable making use of some electric tape (good call BWM!) to pay for the lights in back. If onboard+addin is competent to pick the outputs, is there actually any plus’s for the DX on the D2X (aside from the lights. I am hunting for more or less cream of this crop it any time soon) so I don’t have to replace? It will appear from TR’s review that Asus did an excellent work of not only stripping features through the D2X when it comes to DX, but intending it at a different section.

So it seems i am either getting a D2X or a DX. Understanding that, along with my onboard supposedly playing good (which reminds me personally, i have seen articles that Xonar does not play good with 7 series Nvidia chipsets, has this been resolved?), just what headphones and speakers could you all recommend?

I am not just a big time audiophile. I am a bass junkie who is currently lost a great amount of low-range hearing from employed in the vehicle sound scene for some years. Having said that, i have grown from the “max the sub and turn anything else down” stage and merely instead choose the existence of bass towards the shortage thereof. There’s also a wish in order to “play down” a roomie who are able to get annoying with country blasting from her admittedly laptop that is quite loud (whom’d have guessed?).

For headset, it needs to be circumaural, sound cancelling is a good perk, and I also’d really like at the least good number of reproduction. I’m sure Sennheiser is decent, but I don’t understand any of the more elite brands at all. Go right ferzu ahead and scoff =). A mic is not needed, i have considered and also utilized a growth mic a number of years ago.

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