EXO’s Chanyeol try accused of cheating on their ex girl with over 10 ladies; SM enjoyment REACTS

EXO’s Chanyeol try accused of cheating on their ex girl with over 10 ladies; SM enjoyment REACTS

In certain shocking reports, an OP who is claiming becoming EXO representative Chanyeol’s ex-girlfriend for a few decades has implicated your of cheat on her behalf with over 10 girls throughout their commitment. As per Koreaboo, the OP blogged an exceptionally detail by detail blog post on an internet people and shared they along side alleged photos of the two during their partnership.

The pictures apparently accommodate Chanyeol’s home whenever some in comparison the photos to easy provided of the artist’s cousin Park Yoo-ra on Instagram in which this woman is viewed at the lady uncle’s abode, in April. Also, the beanie when you look at the breeze is actually it seems that the same as Chanyeol’s favourite beanie. Inside her article resolved to Chanyeol, the OP mentioned that she actually is be “dirtied and unsightly” after getting misled because of the 27-year-old artist. Regarding their partnership, the OP reported the two met around October 2017 and after flirting like regular people, Chanyeol expected the girl completely. “lately, while nearing the third wedding, i consequently found out a shocking truth. I tried not to believe it until Personally, I saw and read they for my self, and I also believed you as soon as you mentioned it wasn’t genuine,” the OP typed.

“But, throughout the 36 months that individuals were matchmaking, your became someone’s first and someone’s one-night stand.

While I found myself asleep peacefully, you’re always hectic experimenting dirtily with a brand new lady. That provided numerous lady cluster members, Youtubers, transmit DJs, dancers, stewardesses, and. Do you ever enjoy it? You were quite greatest. Every person near you, with the exception of me personally, knew just how dirty you will be. Really, merely your own fans and I performedn’t know.” the OP extra. The OP additionally reported that when another associate demonstrated desire for their, she is surprised with how he did not say a word or showed that he was in a bad temper while watching member. Rather, Chanyeol would curse out of the representative behind their back. In accordance with the OP, the cause of it was because he was presumably maybe not pleased with their unique connection. The OP also said that she jokingly informed Chanyeol whenever he had been likely to cheat on her behalf, get it done privately, that he allegedly accompanied.

“Two days after we broke up, you also known as us to reconcile. I told you the reports I read, therefore couldn’t state a word and pretended you probably didn’t know. Therefore I named one of several women your slept with, and after becoming hushed for 3 mere seconds, you stated, ‘think about her?’ Do you know how absurd this one term made me little people singles dating website feeling? I recorded [our discussion] because there comprise subjects just who wished to know what excuses you’d say to myself,” the OP recalled.

The OP decided to go to blame by herself for believing and protecting Chanyeol with no knowledge of what sort of little bit of s**t he apparently is.

The OP provided that she hid the photographs from her closest buddies and said never to posses a date because she wished to protect Chanyeol’s job. “My personal cardio falls whenever we also hear the label. I really hope the whole world finds out what sort of b*****d you actually become. You should not contact me,” the OP determined.

Based on football Chosun, SM Entertainment possess responded to the dirty allegations submit on Chanyeol. “we really do not have any formal posture towards the article under consideration,” they just stated.

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