Payroll Cover Credit. Payroll encourages that join direct deposit through Workday@UChicago.

Payroll Cover Credit. Payroll encourages that join direct deposit through Workday@UChicago.

With drive deposit, your income resources will put into the account(s) and stay accessible to you if your financial institution opens up for companies on the payment date.

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College Issued Pay Credit

The University of Chicago offers the newer advantage, the quick! PayCard® Visa® Payroll Credit. You can easily automatically deposit your paycheck onto a debit credit and that means you have access immediately towards funds equivalent day of your payday! It is easy, more secure than cash, and saves you money over check cashing costs.

What is the quick! PayCard?

fast! PayCard is actually a payroll debit credit and that means you are only able to spend funds you really have on your own card. The rapid! PayCard does not require a credit check. It can be utilized at ATMs, stores, gasoline stations, food markets globally and anywhere Visa debit notes tend to be approved.

College Granted Cover Card – Faqs


Is it payroll immediate deposit different from other sorts of drive deposit? Never. The resources tend to be transferred on your card immediately. The only difference is it is actually a prepaid credit account rather than a checking levels.

Am I able to create further funds to my fast! PayCard?

The quick! PayCard was totally portable. This means that you’ll make card to any different employer (second or in your free time job), aside from whom offered the credit to you and join a direct deposit installment. Besides, you’ll point deposit your income tax reimbursement, social safety benefit, army pension, or other installment which can be immediate deposited. Be sure to login to to gain access to their drive deposit levels quantity or ask our customer support associates.

What’s the difference between the custom fast! PayCard and the immediate problem fast! PayCard?

The very first card you obtain could be the instantaneous concern quick! PayCard. It offers a Visa brand-mark but it does n’t have your label embossed on it. As soon as you call customer service 1-888-RAPID 14 (1-888-727-4314) to stimulate this credit you may even inquire a totally free improvement to a personalized credit together with your identity embossed on it. Whenever the customized quick! PayCard shows up within the mail (7-10 working days) the instant concern card stays fully usable unless you stimulate your new customized card.

When will my personal payroll funds be around back at my fast! PayCard charge Card?

Your income will generally be around by 9:00 am CST each morning on your payday. You should check balance after that or anytime by calling 1-888-RAPID 14 (1-888-727-4314) or by going to

Is the rapid! PayCard reloadable? Or manage I see a credit each wages years?

The rapid! PayCard is reloadable. After obtaining the initial cards, your income will instantly feel placed for a passing fancy credit each cover stage.

I received a wages card, the good news is bring a bank account. Am I able to however subscribe to immediate deposit?

Yes! workers will have the choice to get cover via immediate deposit pawn stores Oklahoma. Merely login Workday@UChicago to join up.

Do the WEX rapid! PayCard has a mobile app?

Yes! Get the cost-free rapid!Access mobile application from Android os or Apple store. Keyword research “rapid paycard” or “rapid!Access” (Note: If using an iPad Apple tool, make sure to show ‘iPhone software’)


What will happen easily miss my personal rapid! PayCard? Just what ought I create?

First and foremost, your hard earned money is actually shielded with Visa Zero scam responsibility. Only phone 1-888-RAPID 14 (727-4314) to document they lost/stolen and request a fresh cards via mail, or get in touch with Payroll providers for another credit. Call 1-888-RAPID 14 (newspapers 0) and tell the consultant this is exactly a replacement cards.

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