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The best time to buy or sell property in Australia: Why the seasons impact real estate

The best time to buy or sell property in Australia: Why the seasons impact real estate

If you re on the hunt for a new home or are preparing to farewell your current abode, you ve probably heard whispers about the best seasons for buying or selling property.

Spring, with its bright blooms and comfortable home inspecting temperatures, is often touted as the biggest property season. But when you dig beyond the flower beds you ll find a lot more goes into finding the ideal time to buy or sell a house.

The benefits for home buyers or sellers often swings both ways. For example, sellers might want to avoid the winter months as the cold could put-off buyers, or skip over summer sale dates when they re away over the holiday period.

However, these traditionally quieter times in property might be the ideal time to sell, as fewer properties on the market could mean serious buyers are likely to scout out your place first. For buyers, a traditionally slower season could mean less competition.

Then on the flip-side in the busier autumn and spring months, sellers could be keen to capture rising prices from higher demand, but not necessarily find as much interest with so many properties for sale.

It may even come down to avoiding specific events or tourist spikes which could turn your quiet street into a parking fiasco, making it look less idyllic. And while supply and demand might be a vicious cycle in major cities, you might not see significant fluctuations in regional areas where housing can be more affordable and less competitive.

So, when is the best time to buy or sell property in Australia? (more…)