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Geologic Time. Age of world as a collection of Quarters

Geologic Time. Age of world as a collection of Quarters

NPS picture by M. Reed.


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Geologists begin counting “geologic time” from Earth’s area downward; that is, you start with younger deposits that are surficial descending into older stones and much deeper time. Geologists count straight back significantly more than 4 billion years towards the earliest Earth materials. Astronomers help geologists count even further back once again to the period of Earth’s development, that may appear notably arbitrary because world failed to appear instantaneously as an earth in room. Nonetheless, this “moment” may be understood to be whenever world accomplished its current mass. Scientific calculations presently destination this occasion at

4.6 billion years back (Global Commission on Stratigraphy).

Knowing the Depth of Geologic Time

Earth’s development happened

4.6 billion years back, that’s 4,600,000,000 or 4,600 million. You almost certainly hear people make use of the number “one million” all of the time, but a million is actually big. Have you ever really tried to count up to a million? Counting once per 2nd (easy in the beginning, but tough once you reach the hundred-thousand mark), a day each day, seven days a week (no weekends off), it can simply simply simply take you 11 times, 14 hours to count to a single million! (more…)

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