Of the three parts of liability, which is the very antique and you will widespread?

Of the three parts of liability, which is the very antique and you will widespread?

Title: Ch01–18;F;Pg.19 18. The newest delegation in order to and you may supervision regarding circumstances by the third parties-government, profit-established businesses, and you will nonprofits-is named a good. federalism. b. public markets connections. c. bureaucratic accountability. d. management because of the proxy.

19. Governmental scientist John Gaus decided which have Woodrow Wilson one to separating politics out of government was accomplished by enacting laws and regulations one gave decided to go with officials control to guide plan that directors carry out only do. a. Correct b. Untrue

20. Policymakers do not well worth a free strings out-of order as opposed to even more direct power over its subordinates. a good. Correct b. Incorrect

21. Customers and you may elected authorities request a lowered amount of ethics than just you to definitely expected throughout the private business getting political appointed personal administrators. a great. Correct b. Incorrect

twenty two. Since the various other government agencies keeps varied societies it is sometimes complicated to manage a fundamental group of elite norms that govern administrative decisions. an excellent. Correct b. Incorrect

step one. All of the following the is kinds of different procedure you to definitely distinguish societal teams regarding individual teams But an excellent. strategies out of results. b. social scrutiny. C rules development. d. persuasion.

step three. The most practical difference between personal and personal teams, more supervision and gratification dimensions is an excellent. societal analysis. c. long-term group. d. focus on best for society.

4. _________ highlight guarantee, overall performance, and you will dealing with by salesmanship. an effective. Nonprofits b. Individual organizations C Public communities d. Small agencies

5. Personal management pertains to An insurance policy creation and you may rules delivery. b. plan formation, yet not rules execution. c. plan execution, but not plan creation. d. neither policy creation nor coverage execution.

6. Among the many key issues away from societal government ‘s the inevitably fuzzy line ranging from an excellent. social and personal organizations. b. federal versus international government. c. stamina and inefficiency. D politics and you may management.

7. The goal having administrative obligations will be to maximize ______ control also to eradicate _______ control. a good. discretionary; inner b. external; inner c. internal; discretionary D internal; external

Woodrow Wilson’s take on ________ has established a lasting scholarly argument

8. Each one of the pursuing the teaches you enhanced administrative action in the policy formation But a great. the newest official ability regarding department team. b. the elevated technicality off personal coverage. C. new diminished part regarding legislative engagement. d. the growth away from captain executive’s role since the plan plan setter.

9. Rather than the non-public field, the public business was bad to every of following the Except A beneficial around the globe groups. b. legislators. c. process of law. d. the general public.

ten. All the adopting the renders public teams unlike individual communities But an excellent. field solution. b. exposure. C efficiency measures. d. societal analysis.

eleven. an effective. business theory b. the difference between public and personal administration c. rules delivery and you may rules development D the fresh new neutrality of public administration

twelve. American citizens started to demand a great deal more out of authorities An as World war ii. b. because World Conflict We. c. just like the lifetime of Woodrow Wilson. d. since time of the Federalist Papers.

B laws off law

13. Even though opted for officials approve, lead and supply info with the rules, ______ entrusted so you can directors is exactly what converts the fresh new intent of rules on facts. a beneficial. oversight B policy delivery c. nonprofit administration d. personal scrutiny

14. Which of your own pursuing the is considered too inefficient to do far out of far from at http://www.datingranking.net/huggle-review the same time so powerful that conclusion can be produced randomly in place of owed techniques? a good. internationally communities b. personal communities C bureaucracy d. social charities

fifteen. Government’s character in area is really pervading it absolutely was termed “the brand new management county” by the ______ inside 1948. a. Barry Bozeman b. Woodrow Wilson c. Honest J. Goodnow D Dwight Waldo

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