Part cuatro – A wholesome Notice in the good health, or any other Lies

Part cuatro – A wholesome Notice in the good health, or any other Lies

Climb new stairways. There was a giant hole on the floor very you will need to progress the exterior balcony left to get around it. Race a couple much more opposition here. On the other hand, to obtain Lola’s Lipstick on the space.

Ascend next selection of stairways. Three greasers with slingshots wait ahead. Miss them quick with a great projectile or defeat them to an excellent pulp. Look at the regional toilet having Lola’s Handbag regarding Washing. and this causes your meeting with Norton. He’s equipped with a great sledgehammer. Firecracker projectiles work nicely against her or him because create bottle rockets. There are a whole lot more firecrackers within the packets within the place. Norton isn’t really short therefore only place projectiles on him and use hit-and-run symptoms. Grab their sledgehammer after you’ve beat Norton. Time to get the remaining facts!

Boobs the fresh new wall structure into second-floor locate Lola’s points. Split the brand new wall on the first-floor discover Lola’s Fragrance. Along with four contents of give, it is time to exit. Return to Lola near the The brand new Coventry access and you can discovered a great award away from $20, -10% in order to greaser admiration, and some good old fashioned-designed makin’ away.

This new Rumble

To get this action in the access towards the The new Coventry (a comparable canal like in earlier in the day tasks). The thing is Lola in there who has shopping for anyone to struggle on her, as ever. After you win back manage, it appears as though there is certainly a-riot taking place. You might be informed to get Peanut. Move on to the new noted location towards the small-map.

As you near Peanut, he’ll zoom from into the his bike. Don’t worry; merely excersice to your his standing. Peanut seniorpeoplemeet try leading you into the a keen ambush. Should you get next to Peanut, it is possible to are available in an alley; around three greasers have there been willing to rumble. Obliterate all of them with projectiles otherwise the unlocked treat maneuvers.

Johnny begins roughing your right up regarding the alley but the police come. You begin for the a bike fleeing the authorities. Just keep pedaling out of the police if you don’t pick Johnny, which starts next task.

Fighting Johnny Vincent

You start so it competition below heavy assault. Johnny Vincent motions as much as with the their bicycle and smacks you around which have a lead tubing. A few of his greaser family line which race arena and you may put eggs or other projectiles from the you. Pete is here to aid however you will have to assist your earliest. Very first objective is to obtain rid of new greasers around the fight arena therefore Pete get so you’re able to a good crane you to definitely activates a magnetic. this may manage Johnny!

Observe that you will find some crates strewn up to right here that contain sodas if you you want additional health. Smack the greasers within arena which have firecrackers or even the bottles skyrocket launcher. Your slingshot can do nonetheless it requires longer. After cleaning all of the greasers, Pete activates the newest magnet, and that draws Johnny of his bicycle. Engage the fists to get rid of Johnny of; he isn’t most of a fit for your combinationspleting new mission contributes +100% to help you greaser regard and you may +10% in order to nerd esteem. This should place you on one hundred% for every single class except jocks and you will townies. at the very least for now.

You earned the admiration of preppies and you will greasers into the recent matches but an alternative state have developed. the fresh new jocks! The pea-brained musclemen knock Pete for the ground–now have some new visitors to fool around with.

Let me reveal to you Ms. Philips

This action is actually unlocked after categories and if your done Glass Home into the chapter three. Get the marker at the entrance into Ways group toward the new school’s second-floor. Ms. Philips just complete this lady work of art, an artwork out-of. a great banana. She means that fetch several things for her–she’s got a romantic date planned.

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