Shocked and observing her as the she talks, Ozen understands the girl given that rightful heir so you’re able to Yamato

Shocked and observing her as the she talks, Ozen understands the girl given that rightful heir so you’re able to Yamato

At inn it located a room where it talk about the state in Kujyuri, Oshtor gift ideas Anju, who has arrive the trip questions, to pay off people doubts towards the Yashmah exactly who comprehends their in the surprise your woman currently is truly the real princess of Yamato and you will bows when he apologizes.

Immediately after arriving into the palace throne place, Ozen receives her or him, happy observe their girl help save and you can really, since the Ozen is about state the condition of your own conflict and his condition, Anju will come and present herself towards the Ouro. The new meeting did actually features settled not, because Ozen involved to explain the issues about joining the latest conflict a sound of someone charging you with the to them, one another Oozu and Yashmah rating paled, so really does Rulutieh shortly after understanding the condition far to Oshtor and you can others dilemma; Suddenly a woman you to definitely is much like Rulutieh jumps to this lady. Shis, Rulutieh’s elder-sister, hugs their over time as opposed to watching both, Oshtor observes that Shis is the test on alliance given that Ozen and you will Yashmah was basically trying to define.

Anju demands to check out brand new castle thus she speak with Ozen, Yashmah obeys the girl for the escorting her or him, Oshtor, although not, sees Yashmah anxiousness sign there something different alarming your

Shis dislike being the daughter of Ouro away from Kujyuri, she gifts a heightened expert. Overlooking Rulutieh’s plea so that the girl wade; and you will Ozen and you may Yashmah again chastising the woman to be impolite to the traffic. The latest people have been mislead. Oshtor expected themselves if Kujyuri are laws of the ladies power.

Shis claims you to she will remain from the her sis top dislike Rulutieh’s protest. This leads to a good argument ranging from Oshtor’s classification and you can Shis and you may finishes one Rulutieh should choose whether she production family or stay and you can battle with the girl relatives tinychat aansluiting.

In which Shis shouts you to weak-often guys do not have right to voice its view

The team remain the evening on palace and talk about in the Shis to be as well self centered rather than care about the fresh new nation upcoming. Just like the evening proceed, Yashmah involves discuss the amount and Oshtor and soon after Shis come to talk about the matter as well finally Rulutieh head to your, Oshtor states the girl procedures and all of the support she provided to the team. Oshtor requires her about what she hence to accomplish and just why walk on the top.

The following day, Rulutieh can make the girl choice to keep having Anju, and thus Kujyuri joins Ennakamuy regarding the war, Yashmah will ready yourself troop to help Ennakamuy, Shis mad query the woman why must Rulutieh love to leave this lady individual family relations despite all adversity in the future. Rulutieh seeks shows you the lady and so really does Oshtor, Shis into the anger turns the girl knife to help you Oshtor, Yashmah brings his own also but the second informs your to halt, since Shis blames Oshtor to own “switching Rulutieh” and you can she wouldn’t let her exit. Oshtor taunts the girl that he would be the only when deciding to take obligations toward Rulutieh, Shis allows Oshtor difficulties and you can both decide to competition on the an effective more suitable city.

The battle ended with Shis now understanding that she can not be having Rulutieh non-stop otherwise to make decision for her none, with this particular compensated the latest alliance anywhere between Ennakamuy and you will Kujyuri is made, the brand new cluster hang up while they head back in order to Ennakamuy, Shis gets a the liver from an effective chamokku so you can Oshtor because the an effective treatment for apologize to help you him for your troubles she caused, and she requires him to look at Rulutieh, for once Oshtor, Kuon, Anju, Rulutieh while the other people make their way head back so you can Ennakamuy. Oshtor/Haku isn’t conscious Shis has actually dropped getting him just like the Kuon seen.

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